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Frequently asked Questions!

What Features does this Hack have?

► Unlimited Lives (Try as much as you want, you won't run out of lives!)

► Unlimited Bonuses (Boosters, Teeths, +5 Turns etc.)

► Unlock all Levels (Not recommended, because there is no reset)

► Skip Current Level (Most liked Feature. Lets you skip your current Level)

Does this work for all Devices and Software Versions??

Yes! This hack works for all Devices. iOS or Android. iOS Devices are Devices provided by Apple and Android Devices are Devices Provided by Samsung, Windows, HTC etc. It also Works for all Software Versions. For example you can even use this with the newest iOS!

Is this safe?

This Hack is completely safe, since it doesnt need to connect to the Internet to work! We have been working weeks on creating a Method which blocks out the App from connecting to the Appstore / Google Store. Thus you can access all the features without fearing to get punished!

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